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Website Hosting

Website hosting has become as available and common as the nearest corner store. Yet for many small business owners, it remains a mystery as to how it really works. Zephyrhost will take the worry out of making the right hosting decision. We will fit the plan to you, not try to fit you to a plan! When it becomes time to grow, we will effortlessly expand your service to meet your needs.


Zephyrhost offers rates that are competitive with many hosting companies that offer far less in the way of personal service. We want to know your business and what its needs are. Call us old-fashioned, but even in a high-tech business, we still believe that quality customer service comes first.

Green Hosting

Zephyrhost is now utilizing data centers that have full carbon offset - carbon neutral. The internet infrastructure places a high environmental load on our planet. By offsetting the effective carbon utilization of our hosting services, we reduce the impact your website has.